Welcome to PurePHIT, JenCare Employees!

We are excited to support those of you who make JenCare such a special place for Richmond's seniors.  You work hard to improve the quality of life and the well-being of your patients, and it's our goal to help do the same for you.

The staff at PurePHIT is here to help "Team JenCare" get ready to participate in this year's Monument Avenue 10K!  Whether you are looking to just get more active, walk the course, or run the race, our coaches will help be your guide.  And along the way, you can expect a fun, safe and professional environment where you can learn and practice how to live a healthy lifestyle.

All JenCare employees who sign up for the 10K will receive memberships to PurePHIT from now until race day.  Register below and join us for "JenCare Foundations" during January.  Once you complete the foundations program (typically 3-4 sessions), you're welcome to join any of our class options at either of our locations (on the Boulevard or just west of Short Pump mall).

Take advantage of this great opportunity to improve your health and register below!